According To A Recent Survey, This Is The Best Age Of Your Life

While many people think their 20s are the best decade of their lives, a new survey suggests those twentysomethings still have several years to go before they reach their peak. 

A survey of 2,000 adults Commissioned by CBDfx and conducted by OnePoll finds:

  • Americans, on average, feel they peaked, or will peak, at the age of 37.
  • And some think it’s even later, with 34% believing they won’t reach their peak until 46.
  • Two-thirds of people insist their best years are still ahead of them.
  • Meanwhile, 61% of people say they didn’t appreciate themselves until the past year, while 39% are sure that 2021 will be the year they reach their peak.

To reach their peak this year, many folks have set specific wellness goals they want to achieve over the next 12 months. They include:

  • Achieve better physical health (56%)
  • Achieve better mental health (46%)
  • Exercise more (45%)
  • Eat better and maintain a better diet (44%)
  • Deal with stress better (42%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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