A New Cookbook Helps Those Who Lost Sense Of Taste & Smell Due To COVID

While the medical community is still figuring out all of the long-term effects of the coronavirus, some people who have come down with COVID have been left with an unfortunate side effect: a diminished or nonexistent sense of smell and taste. Not being able to smell or taste your food can take the fun out of eating, but two British chefs are here to help bring the joy back to eating with a new cookbook.

Ryan RileyandKimberly Dukehave written “Taste and Flavour,” which is filled with recipes specifically tailored to those who are stuck with a missing or distorted sense of smell, which is a factor in the sense of taste. The chefs started with about 300 recipes and narrowed down to a list of 17 that are “designed to delight” those with this post-COVID condition.

The pair has experience cooking and creating recipes for those missing a sense of taste or smell from their work at Life Kitchen, a free cooking school they opened to help cancer patients lift their spirits by finding the joy in cooking and eating during their difficult time. After the pandemic hit, Riley and Duke started adapting recipes to help the smell-challenged eaters. These recipes emphasize texture and avoid certain foods, including garlic, onions and even chocolate, which may suddenly taste terrible to folks without a normal sense of smell. And if you’re curious what they suggest cooking up, you can download a digital copy of “Taste and Flavour” for free.

Source:All Recipes

Photo: Getty Images

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