Are You The "Cool Mom"? Find Out Here...

There are a lot of cool moms out there. That’s the biggest takeaway from a One Poll and poll ahead of Mother’s Day. The biggest reason why seven-in-ten think mom is the bomb is because we can talk to her about anything and she’s as honest as they get.

What else makes our moms “the cool mom”?

  • Relaxing the rules
  • She let us get away with stuff “normal” moms wouldn’t
  • Being an epic gift giver
  • Having great taste
  • Spoiling herself and others

When it comes to the most important lesson we learned from mama, they stay with us and we still use them. Some answers include:

  • Being responsible
  • Living in the moment
  • How to be a super parent
  • Don’t judge others, even if you think you have the whole story
  • Respect yourself and others will respect you

Most of us believe after this COVID crazy year, that our moms need ultra spoiling for Mother’s Day… so go for it!

Source: SWNS Digital

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