Travel + Leisure Says New Mexico's Best Ice Cream Shop Is.....

Travel + Leisure has released the list of the "Best Ice Cream Shops In Every State" and New Mexico's is in Albuquerque Metro Area...

New Mexico: The Paleta Bar, Albuquerque

Open the door to The Paleta Bar and you’ll be greeted with a glass case, brimming with a rainbow of paletas. The paletas — Spanish for ice pops — here are a combination of fruit and milk, making them far more creamy than your average ice cream truck popsicle. Choose from both fruit (mango, lime, strawberry) and non-fruit flavors (hazelnut crunch, avocado, Oreo), which can be dunked in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut, chili powder and sprinkles.

See the full article with EVERY state at the link below

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