Experts Tell Us The Pros & Cons Of Walking On A Treadmill


  1. Your muscles will be challenged.
  2. You'll gain better balance.
  3. You'll get less of a full-body workout.
  4. It could make you dizzy. "If you are holding on to the treadmill for balance, the internal balance system is no longer working. As you step off the treadmill, the balance system suddenly kicks in again and you feel sudden dizziness or floating in space," says Chanha Hwang, PT, DPT, CHC, a licensed physical therapist and certified health coach.
  5. Done right, your heart will get an amazing workout. "Ultimately, the treadmill is great for cardiovascular training," says Ollie Laver, a UK-based personal trainer and nutritionist. 
  6. It will focus your mind on your goals.
  7. You'll work these muscle groups: Ankles, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and core—and, if you swing your arms—your upper body

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Photo: Getty Images

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