The Healthiest County In The US Is In New Mexico!

New Mexico offers incredible opportunities for fostering a healthy environment.From great education, economy, and housing to food, nutrition, and overall population health, New Mexico has it all.

US News & World Report teamed up with the Aetna Foundation to determine the 500 healthiest communities in America.

The study states:

"The Healthiest Communities from U.S. News & World Report show how nearly 3,000 U.S. counties and county equivalents perform in 84 metrics across 10 health and health-related categories."

New Mexico had one community that made the list, and it landed in the very top spot!

Los Alamos County came in at number 1 on the list, proving to be the healthiest community in the entire country.

Here were the statistics that led Los Alamos County to the top spot:

  • population health- 92.9
  • equity-75.5
  • education- 75.5
  • economy- 73.7
  • housing- 95.1
  • food and nutrition- 66.7
  • environment- 83.4
  • public safety 84.5
  • community vitality- 76.1
  • infrastructure- 90.2

According to the list, here are the top ten healthiest communities in the United States:

  1. Los Alamos County, NM
  2. Douglas County, CO
  3. Falls Church City, VA
  4. Loudon County, VA
  5. Broomfield County, CO
  6. San Miguel County, CO
  7. Pitkin County, CO
  8. Howard County, MD
  9. Morgan County, UT
  10. Routt County, CO

Click hereto see the full study.

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