Dad Writes 690 Lunchbox Notes To Ease Daughter's Anxiety

What started as a sweet note to encourage his anxious daughter has turned into hundreds of notes and a new book for a dad in Louisiana.Dr. Chris Yandlec wrote a quick note to his daughter,Addison, who he noticed was struggling a bit with school, and stuck it in her lunch box.

It started in 2017, when she was starting fourth grade at her fourth new school in five years. Yandle saw that the changes weren’t easy on her, so he thought the surprise notes would ease her anxiety. That first one read: “Addy, be nice to others. Not everyone will like you. Learn to spot the unique and special things in other people. You have the power to change someone’s life. Love, Dad.”

Over the years, he’s written 690 uplifting notes like that and just published them all in a new book, “Lucky Enough.” Addy says the messages helped her feel closer with her dad and he hopes the book will inspire others to bond with their kids. “Just by enacting a bit of kindness in your child, that’s going to bring them to do something nice for somebody else,” he says. “It’s a domino effect.”


Photo: Getty Images

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