National Fried Chicken Day: The Best Fried Chicken In ABQ According To Yelp

July 6th is National Fried Chicken Day...Here are Yelp's 10 best places for Fried Chicken in Albuquerque...

FYI - Fried Chicken calories do not count's science! (not science, but it's still true) (not true but it's fun to live your life this way)

  1. Ms. Gennie's House Of Chicken
  2. Chile Chicken Nashville Hot Chicken
  3. Franks Famous Chicken and Waffles
  4. Happy Chickenzz
  5. Nexus Brewery & Restaurant
  6. Golden Pride Chicken & Ribs
  7. K'Lynn's Southern & Cajun Fusion
  8. Stripes Biscuits & Burrito's
  9. Kamakaze Kitchen
  10. The Hot Mess

Click Here for the full list on Yelp!

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