Couple Sends Insane List Of Rules For Their Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, and let’s be real, some brides and grooms can get a bit over the top. But this one couple went beyond that, sending a detailed list of “rules and regulations” to all of their guests. Some of the requests on the list were common sense items, like not to wear white, but others were really extreme.

The list of rules was emailed to the guests by the wedding planner. It started out as a typical email, confirming whether they were still coming and if they had a plus one. After that, “rules and regulations” was written in bold with a list of ten requests.

What were these rules and regulations?

  • To arrive 15-30 minutes early (ok, makes sense)
  • To not wear white, cream or ivory, with “DO NOT” in capital letters for added emphasis.
  • To not have a full face of makeup.
  • To not have your hair in anything but a basic bob or a ponytail.
  • To not record during the “seramony” (yes, spelt incorrectly).
  • Not to check in on Facebook until told to do so.
  • To use a specific hashtag when posting pictures from the wedding.
  • Not to talk to the bride at all, written in all capital letters for extra emphasis.
  • “Everyone will toast with Rémy. No acceptance.” (Yes, acceptance, not exceptions)
  • And the final request was that if you wanted to be let into the wedding, a gift of $75 or more is required.

Redditors had a field day in the comment section writing things like, “I do hope everyone with short hair, especially the men, are able to get extensions so they can fashion their hair into a simple ponytail,” and “I think a $75 donation to a charity is the perfect gift for this wacko.”

Source: Reddit

Photo: Getty Images

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