Food & Wine Gives Us The Best Burger In Each State, Here's NM's!

Food & Wine has revealed their "Best Burger In Each State" List

Here's New Mexico's

The Pantry in Santa Fe
In the Land of Enchantment, a burger without roasted green chiles on top is a missed opportunity. After all, you can have it everywhere, from time-honored taverns to regional fast-food outlets by the side of the highway. But there's another local tradition that's even more wild, which is the Tortilla Burger, and none are more famous than the one at The Pantry in Santa Fe, the city's best-known diner and a fixture on the local landscape since 1948. These are messy, knife-and-fork-type deals. Generous amounts of ground beef are wrapped in a flour tortilla with pinto beans, then doused in red chile and topped with cheese. Wild? More like wildly delicious.

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