Delish: New Mexico's Signature Sandwich Is

Delish has released their "The Classic Sandwich to Order In Every State"

Here's what they say New Mexico's I could make an argument for the Green Chile Cheeseburger being our state sandwich but that opens up a whole is a cheeseburger is sandwich discussion that I'm not getting into BTW

All burgers are sandwiches but not all sandwiches are burgers but that's besides the point.

New Mexico's Classic Sandwich is...

Turkey and Green Chile Sandwich

New Mexico is known for green chiles, and puts them to good use in their Turkey and Green Chile Sandwich. At restaurant Relish, the sandwich features turkey, havarti, chile and chipotle mayo on toasted sourdough. Other topping options on this perfect lunch includes green apple chile chutney, avocado and muenster cheese.

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