The Foods That Make The Best Leftovers Are....

Nobody really loves to make dinner every night, which is why so many people rely on leftovers to get them through the week. But, based on findings of a new survey, some leftovers have way more appeal than others. 

 Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Bosch home appliances  

  • 72% of Americans say they enjoy eating leftovers.
  • For many, their weekly diet always consists of leftovers.
  • In fact, the survey found the average weekly diet is made up of five home-cooked meals, three leftover meals, three takeout meals and three meals out at restaurants.
  • 46% of people say they love leftovers because it’s easier than cooking.
  • Another 32% eat leftovers because it’s affordable and they don’t have to buy more food.
  • As for what makes a good leftover:
    • Over half say it depends on how recently the food was made.
    • 46% says it depends on how it smells.
    • Another 46% says it depends where the food is from.
  • And folks have some definite thoughts on what types of food make the best leftovers.
  • The overall best leftover food is soup/stew (79%), followed by:
    • Pizza (63%)
    • Meat (62%)
    • Pasta (60%)
    • Rice (55%)
    • Vegetables (54%)
    • Chinese food takeout (53%)
    • Roasted potatoes (52%)
    • Sandwiches (47%)
    • Tuna salad (47%)
    • Egg salad (47%)

Source:SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Images

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