Best Beer and Wine To Pair With Your Girl Scout Cookies

Because we're fancy here at The Peak...Here's what Beers and Wines will pair with your favorite Girl Scout Cookie


  • Thin Mints-- Dry stout
  • Samoas(Caramel Delites) -- German-style doppelbock
  • Trefoils(Shortbread) -- English pale ale
  • Tagalongs(Peanut Butter Patties) -- Belgian-style quadrupel
  • Savannah Smiles(Lemon Ups) -- Berliner-style Weisse
  • Do-Si-Dos(Peanut Butter Sandwich) -- American Brown Ale

  • Wines:
    Thin Mints-- Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Samoas(Caramel Delites) -- Sauternet or Mourvedre
  • Trefoils(Shortbread) -- Chardonnay
  • Tagalongs(Peanut Butter Patties) -- Tawny Port or GSM
  • Savannah Smiles(Lemon Ups) -- Riseling or Rose
  • Do-Si-Dos(Peanut Butter Sandwich) -- Tawny Port or GSM

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