The Insignificant Things That Make Us Angry

While it’s totally understandable to get angry from time to time, there are people who get angry over silly and stupid things, and now folks are fessing up to what those stupid things are.

Someone on Reddit posed the question “What is a small insignificant thing that makes you really mad?,” and plenty of folks felt the need to share.

Confessions include:

  • “Showers with confusing hot/cold handles. Automatic bathroom faucets that don’t register your hand/motion.”
  • “When bathrooms only have those disgusting air hand dryers that don’t even dry your hands. They’re so unsanitary.”
  • “Taking a sip of water and choking on it. The next 2 hours of coughing and clearing my throat are just MAGICAL.”
  • “When someone claps for me to hurry up. Usually i have to slap myself to calm down.”
  • “When the ads on a YouTube video don't buffer but the actual video does.”
  • “Someone telling me to do something when I was just about to do it. It’s childish but it pisses me off so much lol.”
  • “People not using turn signals.”
  • “My password failing 3x, the site requiring me to create a new password, and then when I choose the password I just tried, the site says I "can't use the current password. Infuriating.”
  • “Mosquitos.”
  • “When I stop and let a car into traffic and the driver doesn’t waive thank you.
  • “When I just finished getting comfy in bed, my cat is cuddling beside me and I'm about to drift off...then I have to pee.”
  • “People who don't close the freakin door all the way. It is that hard?!?!”
  • “When I wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off in the morning." 

Source: Reddit

Photo: Getty Images

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