Here Are The Most Underrated Random Acts Of Kindness

Although lately there seems to be a lot of division in our country, there are still plenty of people out there who like to spread kindness any way they can, and many people may not even realize the little ways they do that every day. 

A new survey by American Greetings finds:

  • Throughout their lifetime, the average American will be responsible for 25,000 thoughtful acts.
  • The average person will perform six thoughtful gestures a week, or 312 a year.
  • And that will cause kindness to spread, with 80% of folks saying they pay it forward when someone does something thoughtful for them.
  • The most common ways folks show thoughtfulness to others include:
    • Send a birthday greeting or present (55%)
    • Listen to them (54%)
    • Give a compliment (54%)
  • And there are many acts of kindness that are simple, and often underrated, including:
    • Saying “thank you” (49%)
    • Smiling (43%)
    • Giving someone a compliment (43%)
    • Congratulating someone (39%)
    • Cleaning up after someone (38%)
    • Watering someone’s plants when they’re away (37%)
    • Giving/sending greeting cards and ecards (36%)
    • Returning a lost item (36%)

Source: SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Images

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