Want To Stay Married? Have A Cheap Wedding!

These days most couples spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their wedding, but if they want their marriage to last, they may want to rethink going broke on their big day.

According to new research, couples who spend over $27,000 on their wedding are more likely to split within three years. In fact, the divorce rate for big spenders is twice the overall divorce rate for that period of time. 

But opting for a very small wedding isn’t necessarily better. Turns out, 34% of those who marry in front of 10 or fewer guests wind up divorcing within 10 years, double the normal rate for that time period.

So, what’s the solution then? Well, the study suggests the key to a long life together is a cheap, but big wedding. Research director, Harry Benson, notes, "Taken together, these findings deliver the clear message that marriage doesn't have to cost the earth and couples should celebrate their special day with their friends and family where possible." 

Source: The Mail

Photo: Getty Images

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