Today's Parents Think Parenting Today Is Harder Than When They Were Young

Parenting is always changing, but regardless of the generation, most moms and dads will agree it isn’t easy. But while these days there are certainly some innovations that make things easier, most modern parents actually think they have it harder than the generations before them.

 The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Baby Magic,  

  • 74% of parents say it’s harder to raise a child now than it was when they were growing up.
  • The biggest parenting challenges these days include:
    • The emergence of social media (66%)
    • More parents working full-time jobs (64%)
    • Technology (58%)
  • While you would think technology would make parenting easier, that’s just not the case.
  • 68% of parents think they rely too much on things like iPads and other devices to entertain their children.
  • That could be why 72% of parents are more likely to enjoy electronics-free time with their kids.

But even though parenting is tough, as kids get older 74% parents miss their kids needing their help.

  • Things parents miss helping with the most include:
    • Bath time (41%)
    • Getting dressed (38%)
    • Brushing their teeth (36%)
    • Mealtime (36%)
    • Reading (36%)
    • Doing their hair (34%)
    • Homework (33%)

Source: SWNS Digital

Photo: Getty Imag

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