New Mexico Has One Of The World's Top Healing Spots

Travel + Leisure has named its top healing spots from all over the world...and amongst healing hot spots like The Dead Sea and Saratoga Springs...a little gem from New Mexico has made the list!

Congrats to Taos who have made the list as one of the World's Top healing spots.

Here's what they say..

Getting us to a health resort isn't a tough sell — especially when it's got natural mineral springs bursting with healthful properties. At Taos's Ojo Caliente, one of the oldest health resorts in America, you can take in the craggy desert cliffs and Cottonwood-studded bosque (a type of forest in the Southwestern United States), between dips in the mud, arsenic, or Kiva pools, each touting their own healing properties and aura. Ojo Caliente's claim to fame is its apparent status as the only hot springs in the world with four different types of sulfur-free mineral waters, including iron, arsenic, soda, and lithium.

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