Reddit Has Called Out The "Worst Parenting Trends"

Thanks to mommy blogger influencers with millions of followers and endless TikTok hacks, parenting tips are easy to find. But they’re not all actually helpful if you’re interested in raising decent and kind human beings. So when a Redditor asked, “What parenting 'trend' do you strongly disagree with?” people had lots of feelings on the subject.

These are the child-rearing tips and hacks people think should be canceled forever:

  • “Posting your kids on Instagram for ‘the aesthetic’ and just like using them as an accessory … It just seems like a gain for likes and it’s an invasion of their personal space/privacy.”
  • “Allowing your child to watch screens (tablets/phones) with loud sounds and NO HEADPHONES on public transport”
  • “Actively encouraging children to use devices so parents are free to use their devices in peace.”
  • “Over-busying children. Your child doesn’t need to have scheduled activities 4 to 6 times a week.”
  • “Not saying "no" to your children. I don't understand the logic. Setting behavioral boundaries and maintaining those boundaries through black and white logic makes perfect sense to me.”
  • “Making your child terrified to fail.”
  • ‘Over protection. Kids need to slowly, safely learn to manage risk and that means that they must take risks.”
  • “Recording your children when you punish them. That's private- not for the public. Anything posted on the Internet lasts forever. They will carry that their entire lives.”
  • “Letting your kids scream and jump around the restaurant while pretending it’s not going on.”
  • “Calling your children’s private parts cutesy names like ‘cookie’ and ‘flower.’”
  • “That thing where they pretend they got their kids a ps5 for example, the kids are freaking out with excitement, but then it's just a ps5 box filled with books or something.”
  • “Pretending that not parenting is parenting. Like saying, 'I won’t tell my child to stop kicking your leg repeatedly because I don't want to crush his spirit!'”

Source: Reddit

Photo: Getty Images

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