How Not To React After A Gender Reveal, Remember Your Baby Mama Is There!

There's a TikTok going viral, where a guy named Travis makes the reveal all about himself, rather than it being a celebration with his girlfriend, Hannah. They have it set up so Hannah pitches a special ball to Travis, who's holding a bat. He hits it, and it explodes . . . revealing a blue cloud meaning that it's a BOY. Hannah seems to run toward Travis so celebrate, but he ignores her and starts jumping around and high-fiving with his guy friends. He plays college ball, and these are apparently his teammates.

Some people are taking shots at Travis . . . not only for spurning Hannah, but also because she gets kind of pushed off to the side while the guys are celebrating. Others are saying it's no big deal, and the guy is just excited.

Hannah later commented, saying that she's not upset . . . and that Travis feels bad about not hugging her first. 

(Here's the video.) 

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