Everyone Needs Some Happiness "Hacks", Here Are 5 For Ya!

Its time to unstick your life. Join Colleen Odegaard and Lauren Widrick in the Coaches Corner as they share 5 happiness hacks to get you back on track.

Here they are:

Hack 1: Gratitude – being thankful and showing gratitude goes a long way in changing your mood and perspective.

Hack 2: Reframe your thoughts – changing how you think of something a situation or event or idea can help you avoid the tendency to be negative.

Hack 3: Change your state – sometimes you may have to move or consciously alter or adjust your state of being.

Hack 4: Do something nice – it will make you feel good.

Hack 5: Treat yourself – be kind to the one your with 24 hours a day. Get a gift or treat yourself to a spa day.

Implementing these hacks in your life will go a long way in changing your mood and perspective. Have a great day!.

For more information visit WakeuptoYourLife.net and LaurenWidrick.com

Photo: Getty Images

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