Study: 75% Of Teens Aren’t Getting Enough Exercise

Teens are doing less these days, but it’s not just because they’re lazier. According to new research from the University of Georgia, three out of four teenagers aren’t getting enough exercise, but study authors blame education, not the kids, for their lack of regular physical activity.

The study of 360-thousand high school students finds the decline in exercise happens between ninth and 12th grades, and there’s a strong divide between genders. Only 35% of female students were found to engage in regular activity, compared to 57% of male students. And this new study backs up previous research that found gym-class requirements have been declining in recent decades, as well as data that shows obesity rates in kids between 12 and 19 has tripled since the 90s.

“The length of recess, physical facilities and social environments at schools have been found to affect physical activity among students,” explains lead study author Janani Rajbhandari-Thapa, an associate professor of health policy and management at UGA. But the research suggests improving a school’s environment can increase physical activity among teens, as well as helping them develop other healthy behaviors, like healthy eating habits.

Source: NY Post

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