POLL: 35% of People Say the Worst Part of Summer Is "Sweating"

While many people look forward to summer and warmer weather, a new poll from The Talker found that 55 percent of people prefer to stay inside to beat the heat.

A survey of 2,000 Americans, conducted by OnePoll in partnership with Dave & Buster’s, looked at the downsides of summer and found that on average, people said that five hours a day outside in the summer is just enough, but 38 percent would be happy with even less time spent outdoors.

It also found that 49 percent of participants look forward to the summertime because that means they can turn on their air conditioners. The best temperature to set it at all summer long? Sixty-four degrees, they said.

But when it comes to going outside, respondents say the idea of warmer weather sounds better in theory. They cited that the worst aspects of the season ranged from feeling sweaty (35 percent), to bugs (32 percent) and getting sunburnt (31 percent).

They also don’t appreciate “feeling faint from the heat,” “getting a second-degree sunburn at the pool” and “getting dressed up and sweating.”

It’s also difficult to keep kids entertained on hot days, respondents said. Forty-five percent said it’s hard to find an activity that everyone wants to do when it’s so warm.

“A majority of Americans are actually planning on making summer memories indoors and it’s easy to understand why,” said Brandon Coleman, Dave & Buster’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “Cranking up the AC, and dining, drinking and playing games are top choices for enjoying the most of the summer months.”

Here’s what respondents deemed the worst parts about summer:

  • Sweating – 35 percent
  • Bugs – 32 percent
  • Sunburns – 31 percent
  • Muggy air – 31 percent
  • Dehydration – 30 percent

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