Sleep Expert Slammed For “Easy Fix” To Biggest Sleep Mistake

A sleep posture expert is being called out online after revealing the biggest mistake people make while sleeping and suggesting an “easy fix” for it. James Leinhardt, who says he’s “obsessed” with spine health, offers his expert opinion in a TikTok video that’s gone viral, but people aren’t happy about what he has to say.

In the clip, he shares that sleeping on your stomach is the number one mistake because it puts unnecessary pressure on the neck and spine. To eliminate the problem, Leinhardt suggests “tweaking” that position to make sure your major joints are “stacked over each other” and the video shows him rolling the sleeping person over onto their side to achieve this. He explains that this eliminates any twisting in the spine, which he says is crucial for spine health.

But the stomach-sleeping viewers slam the expert for offering a totally new sleep position instead of just tweaking the one they find comfortable. TikTok users are expressing their outrage in the comments section:

  • “I would sleep in position one and risk the back problems,” writes one.
  • “I’ve been sleeping on my stomach for 17 years and I don’t have any back problems,” shares another.
  • Some argue that snoozing on their stomachs “feels more natural” which means it “is right” and insist people should just listen to their own bodies.

Source: Daily Mail

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