A List: The Countries With The Most Billionaires

The idea of being a billionaire seems like a dream for most people, and it is. But have you ever stopped to wonder how many people out there really and truly are billionaires? Well, now a new report reveals just that. 

  • Wealth-X is out with their Billionaire Census 2022, the ninth-edition of the report which reveals the world’s global billionaire population.
  • Overall, the population of billionaires in the world grew by 3.3% in 2021, with 3,311 people in the world now considered billionaires.
  • And those billionaires’ worth just keeps getting bigger, with their total wealth up 17.8% to $118.9 trillion.
  • Amongst the billionaires of the world, only 20 qualify as “Super Billionaires,” worth over $50 billion.

So, where are all these billionaires?

  • The U.S. has the highest number of billionaires, with 975.
  • Overall, North America is the world’s leading billionaire region with 1,035.
  • As for cities, Kuwait City, San Francisco and Hong Kong have the highest density of billionaires.
  • The youngest billionaires are mostly from the technology industry. 

Top 10 Billionaire Countries
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  1. United States (975)
  2. China (400)
  3. Germany (176)
  4. India (124)
  5. UK (120)
  6. Hong Kong (114)
  7. Switzerland (111)
  8. Russia (107)
  9. Saudi Arabia (71)
  10. France (68) 

Source: Altrata 

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