Target Employees Share Tips For Shoppers

Is Target your favorite form of retail therapy? There’s a meme that says, “You don’t tell Target what you need. Target tells you what you need.” And it’s true! It’s so easy to go in for some detergent and a toothbrush and come out with a cart full of throw pillows, a hair dryer, office supplies and a new patio set.

But even die-hard fans of the retailer may be lacking this crucial insider knowledge from current and former Target employees:

  • You don’t need to buy multiples to cash in on a deal - According to a TikTok from former Target employee Mai Zimmy, when you see those deals that are for multiples, like buy two for $5, you don’t have to buy both units to get the sale price. She says you can just buy one and still score the discount on that single item.
  • Employees may be undercover - Shoplifters beware! In a Reddit thread, several former Target security guards confirm that they dressed in plain clothes and followed potential shoplifters around the store.
  • You could be missing out on big savings - If you buy your kid clothes from Target’s Cat & Jack line and they outgrow them too quickly or they get damaged, you can bring them back within a year and get a refund. Target offers a one-year return policy on Cat & Jack clothing, no questions asked, according to a current worker who goes by @missrhae on TikTok. “If you purchase a Cat & Jack item, you have 365 days to return it with any issues. No problems, no questions asked,” she explains in a clip. “You can return it for what you paid for it.” Just be sure to bring your receipt, Target card, app or some proof of purchase.
  • Always check the price online - If you’re shopping in a Target store and see something you want, one employee says you should immediately check the price online. In a TikTok video, Kaitlin Sonday explains that sometimes the same item is cheaper online and if it is, you can use Target’s Price Match guarantee policy, which doesn’t apply to other retailers. They’ll match the price if you find the identical item for less at, select online competitors or in Target’s or a competitor’s local print ad.

Source: Best Life

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