The “Four Quarters” Method To Stop Your Day From Derailing

Ever throw in the towel on your entire day as soon as one single thing goes wrong? Let's say you’re driving to work for a big meeting and spill coffee on your shirt. It’s frustrating and you may feel like the day is ruined, but the “four quarters” method is here to help you keep things in perspective.

The concept was introduced on TikTok from Raj Patel, who posts a range of self-improvement advice. He explains the “four quarters” method like this:

  • Separate your day into four quarters. Morning quarter 5 to 9a.m., late morning 10a.m. to noon, afternoon quarter noon to 7p.m. and evening quarter from 7p.m. on.
  • The idea is to think of your day like a game with four quarters. Just because you botch one doesn’t mean you’re going to botch the other three. You still have a game to win, so you have to get your head back in the game.

And you can apply the concept to help keep your day from going off the rails when something goes wrong. If you spill that coffee on the way to work or a traffic jam makes you late, instead of giving up, you just need to prioritize a reset for the day’s remaining quarters. Basically, you don’t let what happened in the past keep you from future success. As Raj says, “Your results aren’t based on what you did last, but what you do next.”

Source: Pure Wow

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