More Than Half Of Americans Are Traveling For A Reunion This Summer

Summer is a great time for families to get together, and it seems folks this summer are particularly excited about the prospect of reuniting with those they love.

A new Motel 6 survey finds:

  • 57% of Americans traveling this summer have a reunion with family or friends planned.
  • The average reunion will last three days.
  • The average person hasn't gotten together with extended family in four years.
  • That may be why 58% of people will be willing to travel further than ever before to reconnect with family and friends.
  • The average traveler will travel nearly 80 miles for a reunion, while 32% will travel over 100 miles.
  • 51% of travelers say reunions look different now than they did a few years ago.
  • One big difference is who gets invited, with the invite list getting expanded to include:
    • Friends (42%)
    • Significant others (39%)
    • Neighbors (34%)
    • Pets (36%
  • Still, there are lots of things folks look forward to when it comes to reunions, including:
    • Returning to their favorite spot on the beach (42%)
    • Reuniting with their favorite restaurants in their destinations (40%).
  • 55% of those attending reunions can’t wait to celebrate old traditions, and create new ones.
  • 64% are hoping to become more connected to their family traditions.

Source: SWNS Digital

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