People Share The Food Items They Continue To Hate As An Adult

It’s not uncommon for kids to hate certain foods, but quite often those kids will grow out of their dislike once they become adults. But there are some adults that simply never got past that hatred, and now folks are sharing what foods they still despise even now that they're all grown up.

It all started when someone on Reddit asked “Which food item do you continue to hate even as an adult?," with plenty of folks happy to chime in.

Responses include:

  • "Rhubarb. I've come around to like a lot of ingredients I once disliked as a child, but I still don't trust rhubarb. That stuff does not belong in desserts."
  • "Eggplant. I'm sorry but this vegetable has the texture of a dirty sponge."
  • "Cottage cheese. It looks and tastes as if someone chewed up cheese and then spit it out... and now I’m supposed to eat it?!?"
  • "Blue cheese. I almost threw up from the smell of it alone when I was younger. I more recently tried it in a hamburger, but I immediately lost my appetite with the first bite."
  • "Canned tuna fish. It's basically the socially acceptable way for humans to eat cat food."
  • "Olives. I don't understand how people can actually enjoy the taste. They immediately overpower anything else you try to eat them with."
  • "Lima beans. They still taste like pasty little pellets of chalk to me. No, Mom. I'm not eating them!!"
  • "Black Licorice. I don't know how anyone under the age of 80 can enjoy this hellspawn poison."
  • "Raisins. They're these wrinkly, tiny, creepy things. There's no worse feeling than accidentally eating an oatmeal raisin cookie thinking it's a chocolate chip cookie."
  • "Capers. What kind of person tried this foul tasting thing and thought it was a good idea to add to food?"
  • "Marshmallows. I've always hated them and I think I always will. There is no grosser junk food than Peeps. And I want so badly to like s'mores, but those dang marshmallows just ruin it for me."

Source: BuzzFeed

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