Americans Have Strong Opinions On How Certain Foods Should Be Eaten

While foods can be prepared in all sorts of ways to make them delicious, there are some people who have very strong opinions on how certain things should be eaten. And based on a new survey, there’s apparently no changing their minds.

According to a new survey conducted by RTA Outdoor Living:

  • Certain foods should only be eaten a certain way, and that includes hot dogs. (By the way, it was National Hot Dog Day earlier this week.)
  • 56.7% say hot dogs are best grilled.
  • 17% like to boil their hot dogs.
  • And 12.6% actually enjoy putting them in a microwave.
  • And when it comes to that age old question, 57% of Americans do believe that a hot dog is indeed a sandwich.
  • This is particularly true among Boomers, with 63.5% saying a hot dog is indeed a sandwich.
  • But younger generations don’t seem to agree, with only 50% of Gen Z agreeing.
  • Men are also more likely than women to say a hot dog falls under the sandwich category (60% vs. 52%).

But it’s not just hot dogs that folks have opinions about.

  • When it comes to cheeseburgers, 84% of people insist the cheese should be put on the burger, while 15% think it should go under the burger.
  • 40% say that a burger isn’t right unless it’s cooked to medium, although 22% prefer medium rare, and 16.6% prefer it well done.
  • For chicken wings, two in three Americans prefer a wing flat vs. drums.
  • 63% actually prefer boneless chicken wings.
  • As for pizza, 90% of Americans prefer a triangle slice, over a square slice.
  • 52.5% say pineapple does not belong on pizza, but 47.5% enjoy pineapple pizza.
  • 82% prefer to eat a slice with their hands, but 18% actually use a knife and fork.

Source: Study Finds

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