Quarter Of Americans Use Their Home Security Cameras To Spy On Neighbors

While it’s pretty important to keep your home and family safe with a home security system, it sounds like some people aren’t using theirs for its intended purpose.

A new survey finds:

  • 25% of people who have a home security system admit they use theirs to spy on their neighbors.
  • 14.5% say they’ve even caught their neighbors on camera walking around naked.
  • The generation most likely to spy on their neighbors is Gen X.
  • Gen Z actually use their cameras to keep away from their neighbors, with 30% saying they use them to avoid people when they knock on the door.

But most people don’t actually use their cameras to spy.

  • The most common reasons folks get security cameras are to:
    • Make sure their property is safe (48.7%)
    • Monitor their package deliveries (40.8%)
    • Watch for porch pirates (37%)
  • One in seven actually say they’ve caught a porch pirate with their camera. 
  • Interestingly, the thing surveillance cameras catch the most each year is friends trying to surprise a homeowner with a visit (31%)
  • Although 13% insist their cameras have caught other surprise guests, like ghosts, aliens and more. 
  • Other things cameras have caught include:
    • Their own drunken behavior (22.3%)
    • Person not picking up after their pet (17.9%)
    • Someone falling on the stairs (17.8%)
    • Cleaning staff stealing (15.3%)
    • Person stealing gas from car (13.7%)
    • Teenager sneaking out (11.4%)
    • Drunk roommate shenanigans (11.2%)

Source: Study Finds

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