The Rio Grande Runs Dry in Albuquerque

The problems continue for the Rio Grande, sandy river beds and shallow streams are now throughout the metro.

The Rio Grande river hasn’t ran dry through Albuquerque since the 80s and many people can hardly believe their eyes.

“That is why we wanted to come down because for the first time in so many years just to be able to walk across the river cause it’s fun and weird,” said Louie Silva. 

Silva says he can remember seeing the river bed empty like this when he was growing up, but for his kids, this is something new.

“Never, we have never seen it like this before it’s always full of water at least a little bit not enough to walk past,” said Elizabeth Silva.  

Now officials are worried how this drought could impact everything in the Rio Grande valley.

“It’s not just people effected by that it’s the ecosystem of the river right?” said Jason Casuga CEO and chief engineer for the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District.

Even in the heart of Albuquerque where Route 66 crosses the Rio Grande there is barely more than a trickle of water flowing under the bridge.

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