People Share The Moment They Realized They Are Turning Into Their Parents

As a kid, many people probably swore they’d never grow up to be like their parents, but for a lot of people, that’s an inevitable part of life, and many are finally realizing it has happened to them.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks sharing the signs that they have grown up to be just like their mom and dad, and many people can likely relate to the revelations.

Confessions include:

  • “I just told my son ‘in or out, we aren’t trying to air condition the outside.’ – I just turned into my mother.”
  • “I just told my daughter ‘if you keep pulling your face like that it will freeze like that.’ Lol I’ve turned into a cliché.”
  • “The first thing I do when I come home from school is take off my pants and crack open a can of root beer…just like my dad would. He would be proud of me…or mortified.”
  • “I’m getting cable for my new house this weekend and I can’t wait to be able to watch the news when I get home from work. I’m turning into my mom at age 24.”
  • “I’m angry and lost all the time and I fight everyone around me. I’m bitter and hold so many grudges. I just realized I’m becoming my dad.”
  • “I lose my temper a lot with my kids and scream until I have no voice. Nothing scares me more than feeling like I’m slowly becoming my mom.”
  • “My 18-year-old brother just left the house. Before he left I asked if he had his phone and money. Good Lord, my mom would have a hoot if she found out I’m repeating her phrases.”
  • “My daughter asked me to make her a sandwich. I said ‘poof, you’re a sandwich.’ My dad jokes are terrible. Just like my dad’s. I swore I’d be better than this.”
  • “I’m pretty sure little by little I’m turning into my mother when it comes to the holidays. The other day I freaked out over a Santa figure and thought, ‘omg that would look great on my table.’ Oh god.”
  • “Every time someone says, ‘excuse me,” I automatically say ‘why, did you fart?’ and I instantly feel disappointed that I’m turning into my dad.”

Source: Whisper

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