POLL: 1 in 3 Admit Stealing Co-Workers' Food

When it comes to food, America’s love affair with their favorite snacks is truly unmatched. A survey of 2,000 U.S. adults finds that more than half love food so much they would marry their favorite food if it was a person. Meanwhile, only one in three describe their actual romantic love life as “spicy” and “juicy,” and one in four actually describe theirs as “bitter” and “bland!”

When presented with the statement, “I’d do anything to enjoy my favorite foods,” 54 percent of Americans agreed. Some would willingly subject themselves to their worst fears like public speaking (27%), thunder and lightning (26%), heights (25%), and spiders or insects (25%) if it meant free, unlimited access to their favorite food.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of TUMS, the survey also found that more than half of Americans would be willing to give up valuable pieces of their lifestyle if it meant free and unlimited access to their favorite food. This includes sacrificing vacation days or social media, while some would attempt wild stunts, such as skydiving (29%) or running with the bulls (27%).

What foods are people in love with?

Overall, more than half the poll (52%) say they love food more than anything. The top foods that hold a special place in people’s hearts include pizza (59%), cheese (55%), fried chicken (55%), and pasta (55%). Americans’ love for food knows no bounds, with many going above and beyond to enjoy their favorite meals.

One in three admit to stealing food that wasn’t theirs from the office refrigerator because it looked too delicious to pass up. Interestingly, women are the most likely offenders (34%). Even more, one in five have resorted to picking a food they love out of the trash can.

On average, respondents would be willing to pay as much as $437 to enjoy an unlimited amount of their favorite food for a month. They’d also travel an average of 254 miles to eat it. Additionally, 62 percent noted that they enjoy trying new and diverse cuisines as well.

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