Woman Starts GoFundMe To Pay For Divorce

Divorce can be incredibly expensive, but one woman in England has come up with a unique way to cover the cost of hers. Genevieve Pepper, a mom of three from Kent, is currently going through a divorce with her husband of eight years and has already run up more than $18-thousand in legal debt. So the 44-year-old decided to start a GoFundMe to help pay for it.

Genevieve says she was with her soon-to-be ex for 12 years and they were married for eight years before they decided to separate in 2020, but the whole divorce process has been lengthy and has drained her savings. While she was apprehensive to ask for donations at first, after a year and a half of the divorce dragging on and costing her a fortune, she just wants out of the marriage as soon as possible. So she turned to the fundraising site to help make it happen.

“It’s not shameful to ask for help when you are struggling,” Genevieve says. She points out that a lot of women stay in unhappy marriages because they can’t afford to get divorced and she doesn’t want to be one of them. So she’s set the target for her GoFundMe at 15-thousand pounds, which is about how much she’s spent in legal fees so far. Unfortunately, it’s only raised around $750 so far, but she’s not discouraged. “Even people who have donated a fiver to me, it means the world,” she says. “It has been so empowering to know that I am doing something for myself to get myself out of the marriage.”

  • To donate to help Genevieve, you can visit the fundraiser here.

Source: Tyla

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