SURVEY: 1 in 3 Considered Burning Down Their House After Finding Bugs

It turns out many Americans are ready to hit the “self-destruct” button when bugs invade their home! One in three people (34%) claim they’ve actually considered burning down their own house after finding an infestation!

The poll of 2,000 adults finds that 66 percent are willing to do “nearly anything” to get rid of bugs at home. This includes fumigating their entire home (51%), putting glue traps in every corner (46%), or even using a whole can of bug spray all at once (43%).

Commissioned by Zevo and conducted by OnePoll, the study unveiled the worst rooms in the home to come across bugs, including the bedroom (22%), kitchen (22%), and bathroom (16%).

When asked what they would rather put up with instead of bugs, respondents would prefer dealing with broken appliances (29%), creaky floors (26%), broken windows (26%), not having television connections (25%), and even rodents (24%).

To deal with bug problems, 48 percent have turned to DIY “hacks” to try and trap these pests. Unfortunately, more than four in five (83%) who have tried a “hack” have had it backfire on them to some extent. Some hacks mentioned by respondents include using cinnamon, coffee grounds, and even maple syrup to get rid of bugs. One person even recalled pouring gasoline on bugs to drown them.

The average person spends $177 creating homemade methods to deal with bugs. However, the results of their efforts are mixed: only 54 percent have had some success in dispatching bugs with their “hacks.”

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