Fla. Man Pays Rent to Fake Landlord for Months

A Florida man reportedly might have to leave his home after it turned out he was a victim of rental fraud.

FOX 35 reported 19-year-old Isaac Aviles had been living in a three-bedroom Orlando home for months while paying rent to someone who didn’t actually own the home. A few weeks ago, the real homeowner sent him a letter telling him that.

Aviles told FOX 35 he found the listing on Zillow and had been paying $1,200 for the last three months. The company that actually owns the home has the rent for it listed on their site as over twice that amount.

He also said he’d spoken to the man over the phone but never met him.

The company reportedly told Aviles he can continue to rent the home if he can afford it.

A realtor told FOX 35 a good way to avoid a rental fraud situation is to look for a property’s listing on multiple websites.

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