Thousands of Pouches of Capri Sun Recalled

Capri Sun is working overtime to recall thousands of the popular juice pouches for possible contamination.

Kraft Heinz -- which manufactures the child-centric drink -- has issued an official recall of 5,760 cases of Capri Sun that they say might be contaminated with a cleaning solution used at one of their production plants, which could've gotten into the product.

According to KH ... the problematic batch in question is tied to their Wild Cherry flavor, and it's hard to tell where exactly the possibly contaminated cases might've gone.

Reports of consumers complaining about the taste supposedly prompted an investigation, so Kraft is pumping the brakes, and telling their customers to refrain from poking into any of the cherry Capri Suns for a bit, while they try to wrangle 'em in.

Kraft says *if* cleaning solution did make it in, it was totally inadvertent.

Customers can return any problematic cases to point of purchase for refunds.

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