Woman Sparks Outrage With Thong Bikini at Family Water Park

A scantily clad swimmer has been blasted after viral video showed her wearing an “inappropriate” G-string swimsuit at a family-friendly waterpark.

The unidentified woman was seen splashing about in the daring design in footage posted to TikTok last week by user Kim Stram.

“Is this appropriate for a family waterpark or NOT?” Stram asked in the clip, which has been viewed more than 4 million times.

The video shows the woman clad in the nude-colored swimsuit, which is completely backless, leaving her buttocks on full display. Stram did not disclose the name of the waterpark where she recorded the video.

Several small children are seen playing near the flesh-flashing beauty, but appear unbothered by the sight of her skin.

However, hundreds of viewers took aim at the woman, saying she should dress more conservatively in the presence of minors.

“It’s called having respect for others and their families. This world doesn’t have it anymore,” one commentator moaned.

“It definitely isn’t appropriate and for those of you saying kids don’t care, you’re part of the problem,” another blasted. “Kids follow what they seen think is ok.”

A third person fired off, “If a man wore a skin tight speedo with kids eye level, everyone would be mad as hell.”

Meanwhile, several viewers showed support for the woman, and blasted Stram for recording without consent.

“Recording and shaming people is very disrespectful I don’t understand how people think it’s ok,” one stated.

Another enthusiast chimed in, “If you got the body, rock it!”

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