Half Of America Thinks They Are A "Smart Drinker"

Drinking too much alcohol can make people do stupid things, so I guess it’s good to hear that most people insist they make smart choices when it comes to drinking booze.

A new survey finds:

  • 52% of Americans insist they're what they’d describe as a “smart” drinker. (Of course they say that when they are sober.)
  • 65% insist they are a master of knowing what and how much to drink.
  • So, what exactly are some qualities of a smart drinker?
  • Well, 49% say it’s someone who knows how to pace themselves to two drinks per hour.
  • Other qualities of a smart drinker include:
    • Eating a meal before drinking (53%)
    • Not mixing different types of alcohol (45%)
    • Knowing the alcohol content of what they are drinking (42%)
    • Choosing low-volume alcoholic beverages (27%)
  • When it comes to preventing the bad after effects of too much drinking
  • 23% say it helps to stay away from drinks with too much sugar and/or congeners.
  • 44% say it’s important to remember to sip water between drinks.
  • 29% believe you should pay attention to the ingredients in drinks.
  • And of course, one of the main things about being a smart drinker is to think about safety, with 52% of respondents saying remembering to coordinate a ride home is the key to being a smart drinker.
  • Another 47% say it’s knowing how and why alcohol affects your body. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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