Inflation Is Having An Effect On Dating

It’s no secret dating isn’t easy, and it isn’t cheap either. And it turns out, with inflation making everything a lot more expensive these days, it’s having a big effect on a lot of people’s love lives.

A new survey finds:

  • 47% of those polled say they have put off scheduling dates in order to save money.
  • And apparently many are okay with that, with 52% saying they are fine holding off going on a date if it means saving money on gas, dinner, drinks, etc.
  • And this could be why some singles are putting off meeting in real life, with 58% saying they prefer to get to know a potential mate before spending, and possibly wasting, excessive money on activities, dinners and more if a things don’t work out.
  • And when they do go out on dates they may not be as extravagant as they once were.
  • In fact, 67% of people say they now opt for simpler, cheaper date options.
  • For example, in July of last year, 75% of singles say they had planned to spend $100 on a meal.
  • Now, 83% of singles are actually hoping to spend less than $50 on a first date. 
  • But money issues may also be causing some romances to move faster than they usually would.
  • Believe it or not, 45% of couples say that while their relationship might not be ready for it, they’ve actually talked to their partner about living together to save money. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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