Majority Of Employees Are Actually Content With Their Jobs

While the Great Resignation and “Quiet Quitting” are the latest buzzwords surrounding work these days, a new poll finds not everyone is hating on their job and ready to find something new.

According to a CareerBuilder survey:

  • 52% of workers are currently content at their jobs and not looking for new work.
  • Overall, only 23% of Gen Z, 24% of Millennials and 14% of Gen X are actively looking for a new job.
  • As for what people like about the jobs they are in:
  • 56% say they are happy with their work schedule.
  • That’s particularly important for women compared to men (61% vs. 51%).
  • Other things workers like about their jobs include:
    • Their colleagues (48%)
    • Fair pay (46%)
    • Work/life balance (43%)
    • Health benefits (34%) 

Of course, there are some perks employees would love to get from their employers that aren’t exactly commonplace. Those include:

  • A four-day work week (30%)
  • Having their birthday off (28%)
  • Mental health and wellness benefits (24%)
  • Work remotely full-time (21%)
  • Paid sabbatical leave (16%)
  • Pet insurance (13%)
  • Fertility or new baby benefits (10%)

Source: CareerBuilder

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