How Much Sleep Do Moms in Their 40s Need?

If you asked them, most moms, no matter what age, would probably say they need more sleep. While that may be true, physically, some really do need more sleep.

Moms in their 40s, (unless they are just embarking on motherhood), don't typically have to wake up for crying babies anymore. Most have tweens and teens who are somewhat self-sufficient. Yet, according to CNN women going through midlife aren't getting enough sleep.

How Much Sleep Is Enough

Sleep experts from the National Sleep Foundation suggest that mid-life-aged women should receive seven to nine hours per night regularly. It can prevent the increased risk for chronic conditions and other adverse health outcomes.

Why Moms In Their 40s Need More Sleep

The simple answer to this is health benefits. Aging is inevitable and something all women eventually have to accept. With aging can come a decline in health, or more so, a decline in how bodies function. All moms are affected differently by age, but there are some main benefits of sleep that can affect them all, according to Intermountain Healthcare.

  • Sharp-Witted: When moms are running low on sleep, they may notice they are forgetful. That's because sleep plays a big part in memory. If moms aren't getting adequate sleep, they may struggle to take in new information and remember it because the brain doesn't have time to properly store memories that might need to be retrieved later.
  • Heart Health: Did you know when you're sleeping your blood pressure goes down? Sleeping gives the heart and blood vessels a rest. The less sleep a mom gets, the longer her blood pressure stays up during a 24-hour cycle. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease and stroke.
  • Steady blood sugar: During the slow-wave part of the sleep cycle, the amount of glucose in the blood drops. Not getting enough deep sleep in this part of the cycle doesn't give the body time to reset itself.
  • Immune Support: A continuous lack of sleep will eventually change the way immune cells work. They may not attack as quickly, and moms could find themselves sick a lot more often.
  • Weight Management: Moms should know that if they are struggling with weight gain, it may be due to a lack of sleep. Not getting an adequate amount of sleep at this stage of life makes a woman hungry. This is because it messes with the hormones in your brain, leptin, and ghrelin, that control appetite.

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