Women Reveal The Cars That Scream “Douchebag” To Them

We all have our dream cars that make us swoon when we see them and we wish we could drive them, but a thread in Reddit’s Ask Women forum has us thinking about the cars that make us roll our eyes instead. It asks, “Which car automatically screams “douchebag” to you?”

Based on the nearly 1-thousand responses, these are the vehicles women have strong feelings about:

  • “Jacked up trucks”
  • “Can confirm. I live in Maine and every other car is a jacked up truck. And every single one of them is a douchebag”
  • “Loud exhaust. Guys, we aren’t impressed.”
  • “If I can hear it before I can see it, I already hate it”
  • “Porsche and Mercedes.”
  • “These lowered Honda Civic /Subaru 2001-2008 with loud exhausts cutting off traffic at 30 miles/hour in school zones”
  • “Any car that has those testicles hanging off the back. Like why??”
  • “When it’s littered with political, religious, or try hard stickers.”
  • “Dodge Challenger”
  • “The ones that speed down my residential street with crazy-loud engines and never stop at the stop signs. Also, Hummers and F-350s.”
  • “Any camo colored car”
  • “Most BMWs”
  • “Anyone driving a dually as their personal vehicle. It’s like ok Brian, you work on the third floor of an office building in a cubicle. Settle down.”
  • “Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. Always owned by trust fund babies or newly rich middle aged men needing to prove something.”
  • “It’s not about the car, it’s about how they drive and where they park it…”
  • “Depends on what car my ex drives these days.”

Source: Reddit

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