Why We Should All Do A "Friends Cleanse"

You know those cleanses that claim to offer health benefits if you drink apple cider vinegar, lemon water or some other concoction? Those quick fixes may not deliver on the results, but there’s one type of cleanse that actually works and it doesn't involve drinking anything or fasting. It’s called a “friends cleanse” and it encourages you to step back and look at your friendships so you can identify the ones that aren’t serving you anymore.

Dr. Bruce Y. Lee has done it himself and says it’s made a big positive difference in his life. He’s come up with 10 questions to ask about each of your friends and if the answer to at least one is yes, then it’s time to consider cleansing that person from your circle of friends. Lee explains that the friends cleanse will “clear out the clutter” and leave you with more time and energy to dedicate to “worthwhile relationships and experiences.”

The 10 questions to ask about each friend during a friends cleanse are:

  1. Have they been there for me when I reached out during the tougher moments of my life?
  2. Were they judgmental when I revealed that I was going through tough times?
  3. Did they make an adequate effort to stay in touch?
  4. Did they fail to make enough effort to really get to know me?
  5. Have they been open about themselves and their lives? Were they instead presenting a front or charade to me?
  6. Did they fail to tell me or warn me about important things that I needed to know?
  7. Did I wonder about what they were saying or doing behind my back?
  8. Did they date my significant other while I was still with the significant other?
  9. Did they not seem to cherish our friendship?
  10. Did they not change any of the above behavior even when given the opportunity to do so?

Source: Women's Health

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