Experts Warn Against the #1ChipChallenge Sending Kids to the Hospital

Experts and social media users are warning against the viral #OneChipChallenge that is allegedly sending people to the hospital. The viral food challenge is a recurring online dare created by Paqui, a flavored tortilla chip company, that releases a new spicy chip for the challenge. The 2022 One Chip Challenge features the Carolina Reaper Chip.

“This year’s high voltage chip contains the super-charged Carolina Reaper Pepper and stinging Scorpion Pepper with a shocking twist, it’ll turn your tongue BLUE,” the Paqui website reads.

Social media users are encouraged to eat the entire chip, wait as long as possible before drinking or eating anything and then post their reactions online. But medical experts and social media users who have attempted the spicy challenge are warning against the possibly dangerous trend that has reportedly sent some, including children, to the hospital in excruciating pain

TikTok user @angela_b157 posted a now viral video showing her niece in the hospital after attempting the challenge. The video has amassed 10.7 million views and led to several follow-up videos explaining the scary situation.

One follow-up video shows the young girl being hyped up by her family members.

“Oh no,” the girl says after taking one bite as she immediately stands up.

“Chew it!” someone is heard shouting in the background as the small crowd cheers her on. “Fifty bucks. Do the rest,” someone yells out.

The girl is seen stomping her feet and shaking her hands in the video.

“It’s not that bad,” the girl finally responds and shows her blue mouth as she wipes the chip dust off her hands with a wet wipe.

In a later video, the girl explains that she had been bet $50 to eat the chip. As time went on, the burn increased and pushed her to tears.

She was eventually taken to the hospital where she was given different medications that took hours to ease her intense stomach pains.

The girl seemed in good spirits as she giggled through her story but others have warned against the viral challenge.

States like California, Texas and Alabama have reportedly seen hospitalizations due to the chip. School districts in states including Georgia and Colorado have warned parents of the challenge after several students missed class thanks to allegedly becoming sick from consuming the chip.

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