More Than Half Of Pet Parents Plan On Taking Their Dogs Trick or Treating

It’s officially fall, which means lots of folks will be turning their attention to Halloween, and what they plan to dress up as this year. But apparently a lot of people aren’t just thinking about their costumes, but about their pet’s costumes as well.

A new WAG! survey finds:

  • 95% of pet parents say they are excited for Halloween this year.
  • 59% of pet parents who celebrate Halloween say they will bring their pets trick or treating with them.
  • And pet parents plan to spend in order to make sure their four-legged friends look good.
  • 55% of dog owners and 46% of cat owners say they’ll spend more than $25 on their pet’s costume.
  • While 30% of dog owners and 26% of cat owners will spend more than $50. 
  • Overall, 31% of pet owners would prefer to bring their dog or cat trick or treating than their child or spouse.
  • 38% of people would rather a dog or cat be at their door trick or treating than a child, friend or neighbor.
  • 53% think dogs or cats look cuter in costume than children.

As for the most common dog/cat costumes…

  • 50% of pet parents plan to put their pets in a superhero costume.
  • 54% are considering a “funny costume.”
  • And some folks have definite ideas of what costumes will go best with certain breeds.
  • They include:
    • Great Dane + Jurassic Park dinosaur
    • Pitbull + Thor
    • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Bridgerton character
    • Shih-­‐tzu + Winifred from Hocus Pocus
    • German Shepherd + Batman
    • Golden Retriever + Spiderman
    • Chihuahua + Yoda

Source: Wag!

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