This Restaurant In Walt Disney World Costs How Much? Fans Have Feelings...

It’s no secret that a trip to Disney World isn’t cheap, especially for the whole family, but it’s an experience most parents are willing to dip into their wallets for. But apparently some have finally had enough of Disney’s exorbitant prices, at least at one restaurant.

The Victoria and Albert restaurant has always been known as the most expensive restaurant at Disney, but execs recently raised the prices even more and folks are not too happy about it.

After being closed due to Covid, and then renovations, the restaurant, at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, reopened July 28th, with a new look, and new, changing menu. It also re-opened with much higher price tag, $295 per person for the standard menu, with wine pairings starting at $150 a person, and non-alcoholic drinks at $110 a person. When it closed, the similar option cost $185 per person, and went up to $250 with wine pairings.

But that’s not all. The more upscale option, in the Queen Victoria Room, now costs $375, with $200 for wine pairings, and $110 for non-alcoholic options. And the Chef’s Table tasting menu costs $425 a person, up from $350. And if you add wine, it comes out to $625 a person.

  • As you can imagine, some folks are having sticker shock over the new prices.
    • "Crazy over priced…” one person wrote on the WaltDisneyWorld subreddit. “Michelin star restaurants in NYC don’t even cost that much.”
    • “I’m sure it’s a great experience and super fancy, but no thanks. I’m out,” another added. “No chance I’m spending $300 a person to eat some food,”
  • Although not everyone was upset about it.
    • “If you really value an exclusive experience with elevated service and elevated food, $300 bucks is probably not unheard of,” one person commented. “When did people start thinking that every experience at Disney had to be affordable and open to everyone?”

Source: Today

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