Inflation Is Affecting People's Dating Habits

Things are certainly more expensive lately thanks to inflation, and apparently all these rising prices is having an effect on some people’s love lives.

A new LendingTree survey finds:

  • 77% of singles say having more money would make dating easier.
  • 83% of men say having more money would help their dating life, while 73% of women say the same.
  • But 32% of adults say they’d still go on a date even if they couldn’t afford it.
  • That’s true for 36% off men and 30% of women.
  • 19% of singles admit they’ve been going on fewer dates because of inflation.
  • While 14% are just trying to spend less when they go out on a date.
  • 4% say they are more selective about who they go on dates with because of inflation. 

Of course, some simply won’t let money stop them from dating.

  • Overall, 85% of people say they’ve gone into some sort of debt because of their dating habits.
  • That’s more likely the case for Millennials (22%) and Gen Z (19%)

As for how much people are spending on dates…

  • $91 is the average most people will spend on a first date.
  • Although the most men are more likely to spend, on average, is $104, and women would spend, on average $81.
  • But apparently you don’t really need to spend money at all, since 85% off daters say it’s totally okay to take someone on a date that didn’t cost money.
  • Although women are more likely than men to be offended if someone took them on a date that didn’t cost anything (15% vs. 9%).

Of course there’s always the question of who should pay for the first date to begin with.

  • 44% of people say that in a heterosexual relationship the man should always pay on the first date.
  • Although 54% of men say this should be the case, compared to 36% of women.
  • 29% of people believe whoever asked the other on a date should pay.
  • 22% of people think the cost of the date should be split. 

Source: LendingTree

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