Here’s How Most Of America Takes Their Coffee

While we celebrated Coffee Day last week, for most people in the U.S, every day is Coffee Day. These days there are a variety of ways people take their coffee, but have you ever wondered what's the most popular way to drink it? Well, a new survey answers that question. 

A new YouGov poll finds:

  • 53% of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day.
  • 79% drink caffeinated coffee, while only 10% drink decaf, and 10% drink both.
  • While there are a variety of options on how to drink coffee these days, it seems most Americans just like regular coffee.
  • In fact, 51% of Americans say they “love” regular coffee, and another 37% like it.
  • And more people “love” regular coffee than all other types, including:
    • Iced coffee (32%)
    • Cappuccino (29%)
    • Latte (27%)
    • Mocha (26%)
    • Frappuccino (25%)
    • Espresso (22%)
    • Cold brew (18%)
    • Macchiato (18%)
    • Americano (15%)
  • And if you think people are starting to drink coffee at younger ages than ever before, you may be right.
  • Overall, 36% of Americans say they didn’t start drinking coffee until they were 21.
  • But that age gets younger for younger generations.
  • While 47% of those 65 and older didn’t start drinking java regularly until they were 21, that number is significantly lower for younger generations.
  • In fact, only 18% of 18- to 29-year-olds didn’t start drinking coffee until they were 21.
  • And 47% of 18-to-29 year-olds say they started drinking coffee regularly at 16 or younger.
  • As for when people should start drinking coffee, the poll finds most people (38%) think it should be between the ages of 17 and 20.
  • Interestingly, a poll conducted 74 years ago found that most people (36%) said it should be between 13 and 16.

Source: YouGov

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